Pack 1 pick 1

SO, I was just tinkering around with the tappedout cube list and generated my first digital pack from my cube. Here it is:

Geth, Lord of the Vault AEtherling Stomping Ground
Jace Beleren Faerie Conclave Stupor
Birds of Paradise Terminate Inquisition of Kozilek
Sword of Body and Mind Phyrexian Metamorph Vraska the Unseen
Grim Monolith Arid Mesa Savannah Lions

I really like this pack for conversation because there are so many different ways that you can start a draft with a pack like this. For me, the most powerful picks seem to be Grim monolith, Phyrexian metamorph, and Sword of Body and Mind. They also happen to all be, what I consider, colorless. The sword may be the most restrictive of the three since if I do pick it, I am most certainly playing a creature heavy build. Monolith is a beast but there are other mana stones. Both the planeswalkers in this pack deserve a thought. A Jace is a Jace and Vraska delivers a pounding, but both cards might be too strong of a commitment for a first pick. Normally I would say that there is always an argument for lands but I don’t know if that’s the case in a pack like this. I think I would have to go with the Metamorph.

Any other ideas?

11 thoughts on “Pack 1 pick 1

  1. I’m a fan of Metamorph, but I think the sword is the strongest pick by a pretty wide margin. Turning any of your creatures into a 2-3 turn clock while popping out more bodies is just too good.

    • Yeah. It is really good. Metamorph can copy an artifact too though, so it could be a jitte, sword, etc.. while also leaving things open for other strategies. You may be right though because the sword doesn’t ever need something to copy. How do you feel about Jace?

  2. If this was pack 2 and we were already going for a control deck, I think it’d be a hard choice between Jace and Metamorph. Unless we were short on win conditions, in which case I might give Aetherling a whirl, although I haven’t tried him in cube yet.
    And a small nitpick, Metamorph will never be a Jitte (unless your cube inexplicably runs Mirror Gallery), although it can be useful for destroying your opponent’s Jitte.

    • Yeah. It will copy jitte for a second and that’s all you need. That’s part of why I value metamorph so highly. It answers every legend for 3 and can just combo with so much. Also, I find that it’s rarely a bad top deck.

      Aetherling has been a BOMB. Draft it when you get the chance. Sam played it in our last draft and it definitely put the pressure on.

  3. I like metamorph, but I’d rather have a sword that’s always going to be a sword rather than an unknown commodity. I really want to take Grim Monolith here, because I really like that card, but there are so many mana stones in the cube that I’m not too-too worried about passing monolith. Aetherling is cool, but I can find other finishers, whereas swords are a hot commodity that don’t get passed too long.

    • Yeah, you’re probably both right. It is a sword and it is one of the better swords…

  4. Pack 1 pick 1 im taking the metamorph. Its 1 of the most versatile cards in the cube, passing the sword does suck but knowing its out there helps and u still have a chance at a handful of other good pieces of equipment throughout the draft.

    • Thank you! Good argument. There’s plenty of nutty equipment but only one metamorph.

  5. Aetherling seems way too good to pass up. Maybe not as much as the sword, but I’d pick it higher than the metamorph, especially with the new legendary rule.

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