4 thoughts on “Mock Draft #4

  1. Hey, thanks for drafting our cube!

    You certainly have a very different drafting style. But then, I’m used to Rochester drafting, where focussed drafts are the norm and signalling doesn’t exist, so that probably explains a lot. You did end up with a very respectable build, so well done!

    Some impressions, if you don’t mind.

    – assuming you want to draft green ramp, I’d take Rofellos over Eureka. It’s an insane card in any ramp deck and Eureka has a bigger chance of wheeling back to you.
    – I’d have taken Prime Time over Garruk Hunter, because it’s a creature and as such has synergy with the green tutors: Natural Order, Survival, Shaman, GSZ, Worldly Tutor and Birthing Pod.
    – Would have taken Birthing Pod over Coldsteel Heart, I usually have no need for artifact ramp because creatures are better (again, the tutor thing), and Pod definitely can work even in a Eureka build.
    – Would not have passed Fauna Shaman or Survival. They can turn a good but high-variance build into a well oiled machine, by swapping out fat for ramp or vice versa, depending on what you need, as well as get utility when you need it. Similarly, I’d have picked the Zenith over Wildspeaker, it’s great in ramp because it’s both ramp and fat all in one card and just makes your deck much more consistent.

    Otherwise, I agree with many of your picks. Also, I agree that running a single Plains is enough in your build.

    Was pretty sweet watching you think through a mock draft of our cube, thanks a lot! Welcome back anytime.

  2. you could have had the nut Gx ramp deck, but your “lets have fun drafting” attitude didnt allow you to see it. It would have been nice to see how this draft turned out if you drafted straight forward and not with bots

    • I think my deck turned out pretty good, even with my “lets have fun drafting” attitude.

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