Pack 1 Pick 1 #18

Pernicious Deed Thornling Dungeon Geists
Selesnya Signet Kodama's Reach Temple Garden
Harrow Jokulhaups Tarmogoyf
Mind Stone AEther Adept Snapcaster Mage
Parallax Wave Solemn Simulacrum Force Spike

This pack is fairly underpowered. There are merits to staying open by picking a land or artifact, for sure, but today, I’m going to be picking [mtg_card]snapcaster mage[/mtg_card].

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5 thoughts on “Pack 1 Pick 1 #18

  1. Pssst … I think you might want to fix it so that you can only vote once …

    • I’ll let sky know–he’s the code master of T1M. Thanks for letting us know, Charon. What did you end up picking?

    • I could, but it would force everyone to make a login for the site and we’re more of a free spirit sort of blog

  2. Gotcha. I went with Snap. The only other card I really considered was Deed, but that forces you into two colors.

    • Those are definitely the two most powerful cards in the pack. What do you think of so many people picking solemn?

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