Pack 1 Pick 1 #3

Treetop Village Phyrexian Revoker Mana Leak
Vindicate Watery Grave Condescend
Detention Sphere Hallowed Fountain Bonfire of the Damned
Char Everflowing Chalice Fact or Fiction
Stupor Burst Lightning Misty Rainforest

So, when I do these, I try to find packs that don’t have the most obvious front runners. Obviously if there was a lotus in this pack it would be a snap call and there is nothing fun about that.

I think this pack is pretty open for just about everything so conversation on it should be diverse.

Initial Reaction

My initial reaction was, “this pack has some serious burn in it.” Burst lightning and char are both incredible and it doesn’t take much to tell that bonfire is nuts-tarded. But the pack doesn’t stop at the burn.

We also have some really strong removal here. Vindicate? Detention sphere? Come on now…

Even the lands in this pack are sweet. Misty Rainforest is one of my favorites and both the shocklands are highly desirable. Then there’s a treetop village. Awesome.

I mentioned phyrexian revoker in my last article when talking about the rule changes and I have to say that I really like this card. Is it first pickable? Maybe not. But, he is a lot more important now for dealing with problem planeswalkers since you can no longer jace away a jace. Then again, so are the vindicate and detention sphere…

There really is not a single card in this pack that I wouldn’t love to play.

My Pick

OK. If I had to make a first pick, I would take the fact or fiction. Fact or fiction is one of those cards that just swings the game so hard. Every time I cast it, my probability of winning skyrockets. The only decks that I wouldn’t play it in are the most viciously aggro ones where every single card in my main can inflict damage. And I don’t care too much for playing those so, yeah, Fact or Fiction it is.

What do I want to wheel you ask? Anything really. I could wheel counter spells, burn spells, lands, removal, hell I could even go for a stupor. The fact is, Fact or Fiction splashes like a dream and fuels your hand with whatever it is that you need. Maybe you need to dig for a board sweeper, or maybe you’re playing counter/burn and you need to restock, or maybe you’re playing five color bombs and you’re just digging out a Nicol Bolas.

Whatever your poison is, Fact or fiction will supply it.

So, that’s me… What would YOU take? There is no wrong answer here so lets hear it.



4 thoughts on “Pack 1 Pick 1 #3

    • You’re probably right based on raw power. I just know that if I pick that vindicate that I will end up in Esper. haha

        • It shouldn’t commit me as much as I let it. Can’t explain how it happens but it does. Glad to hear support for bonfire. I think that card is pretty insane and it gets passed to me a lot.

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