Pack 1 Pick 1 #4

Stupor Hearth Kami Siege-Gang Commander
Force of Will Cyclonic Rift Fyndhorn Elves
Soltari Trooper Borderland Ranger Profane Command
Celestial Colonnade Serendib Efreet Troll Ascetic
Windswept Heath Beast Within Chromatic Lantern
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Not every pack is filled with clear-cut bombs. Even though it’s cube, you will open “underwhelming” packs; i.e. a bunch of support cards/archetype fillers with a few lower-tier bombs in place. It’s disappointing to open a pack like this, but the draft must go on, and here you have to ask yourself whether you’re willing to commit to a color or are you going to stay open.

Committing to a color leaves you with some options. In green there is the elf and the ranger which is fine if you want to ramp, and the troll if you’re looking to go in the beatdown direction. In red siege-gang is an OK curve topper in an aggro deck or a fun blink/recursion option. Blue gives you serendib efreet which can go in a variety of decks–either as a defensive wall or a tempo creature that’s larger than other options in his place on the curve–and rift and force are OK, but cards I’d never be happy taking first. Profane Command is a sweet card with a lot of versatility, and Stupor is a super underrated hand destroyer.

This is a pack where I’d rather stay open, and with that in mind I have a few options. The two lands are quite nice. Manlands are always super strong, and one that keeps you in blue while swinging for four is a great place to be, since blue is super strong and 4 damage from a land is quite nice. Fetches are great since, even if you’re not in those colors by the end of the draft, you could have some duals that are able to be retrieved with that fetch, adding value and expanding the mana base of your deck.

The pick for me would have to be Chromatic lantern. I love ramping, and I love playing every color. Chromatic lantern gives me that option with ease. From here I can go into a variety of decks without any problem, reading what my opponents pass me and playing any sweet bomb that gets passed that’s off color. It’s not the most insane first pick, but it’s one I’m OK with making.

What would you choose? Leave a comment and let us know!


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One thought on “Pack 1 Pick 1 #4

  1. I agree with staying open in this pack, there aren’t really any cards strong enough to pull me towards a particular archetype. I’d take Windswept Heath if I felt like playing aggro and hope to wheel Soltari Trooper or the Troll. If I was more in the mood for midrange or control, I’d follow your lead and take the Lantern. Profane Command or Cyclonic Rift would be nice cards to see again in that case.

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