Progenitor Mimic In Cube

Yesterday marked the first time that Progenitor Mimic was a part of one of my cube drafts. It all started with Kirk first picking the Progenitor Mimic in a three man Winston draft and continuing to draft one of the nastiest smash fests that I’ve ever seen.

Power out the Progenitor Mimic

It didn’t hurt Kirk’s chances that our three person Winston draft somehow ended up with 8 PIECES OF POWER IN IT – Five of which Kirk got his greedy mitts on. Five pieces of power… what a beating.

2013-07-22 22.30.222013-07-22 22.30.13



Progenitor Mimic Cube Decklist

  1. black lotusProgenitor Mimic
  2. mox pearl
  3. mox jet
  4. ancestral recall
  5. fyndhorn elves
  6. llanowar elves
  7. sol ring
  8. simic signet
  9. regrowth
  10. kodama’s reach
  11. vendilion clique
  12. into the roil
  13. cryptic command
  14. garruk relentless
  15. deranged hermit
  16. bribery
  17. jace memory adept
  18. treachery
  19. plow under
  20. progenitor mimic
  21. primeval titan
  22. aetherling
  23. simic sky swallower


  1. treetop village
  2. faerie conclave
  3. evolving wilds
  4. wooded foothills

For the record, I do not like Kirk – as a human. He’s a bad person just for making this deck.

That being said, he did prove Progenitor Mimic’s value as a cube card.


Progenitor Mimic Interactions

#1 Copying dragons

If you ever have the chance, plop a progenitor mimic down copying an opponent’s Champion’s of Kamigawa dragon. Like, say, the Kokusho that Kirk copied last night. then, thanks to the new legend rule, he’ll just sit there cranking out copies that die after coming in. Not bad, huh?

#2 Copying Token Makers

I’ll just rattle off a few here: Deranged hermit, myr battlesphere, cloudgoat ranger, blade splicer.

#3 Copying Virtually Anything Else

If you throw this clone on a venser shaper savant, or a riftwing cloudskate, you get to bounce one of their permanents every turn. Want to start going off with acidic slime – blowing up lands and bringing out tears? GO for it.

Or maybe, you are a really sick f*** and picked up a Woodfall Primus.

If all that sounds like stuff you’d like to do, well, it’s time to put progenitor mimic into your cubes.

Progenitor mimic in cube test – Pass with flying bulls##t





The next night after writing the article, I drafted this deck.

It ended up doing pretty well. In one game I casted a turn three thragtusk into a turn four Progenitor Mimic and then just sat back on capsize buyback.

Progenitor mimic was thorough and ruthless.

The deck went 1:1 losing to a balance, land tax, deck that was running sol ring, library, ancestral recall, and time walk. Winston drafting…

2013-07-23 15.11.062013-07-23 15.11.20