Thassa, God of the Sea in Cube

Thassa, God of the Sea

With the release of Theros, Cube has gained some interesting new prospects, and today I am going to be focusing on this Goddess: Thassa, God of the Sea.

While there are many sweet cube cards in Theros, Thassa, God of the Sea has to be the card that I am most excited to see in action.

If you haven’t read Sam’s article on Theros spoilers, check it out.

Of all the Gods, Thassa is the least expensive to cast. Coming down for three mana, Thassa, God of the Sea is an Indestructible scrying machine that turns every creature in your decklist into a nightmare. If Bant hexproof has taught the world of Magic something, its that unblockable creatures have to be answered.

ComparisonCrystal Ball

It is hard to compare Thassa, God of the Sea to anything because there hasn’t been much like her. Looking at three drop artifacts, there’s a thin line that can be drawn to crystal ball, but she’s not really crystal ball.

Crystal ball is the scrying machine – and a highly underrated pick because scrying two, for one mana, every turn, is nothing to scoff at. That being said, crystal ball gets wiped out by naturalize and friends and doesn’t have any of the other benefits that Thassa, God of the Sea has.

It is Going to Get Through

Thassa gives your dudes the best evasion money can buy – it’s called being unblockable. Remember these guys?

ÆtherlingCreeping Tar PitInvisible Stalker

Well, Thassa makes any of your creatures into tar pits. Don’t get me started on what this means for swords…

Why Won’t You Die

Nevinyrral's Disk

This little lady does not go out easily. If you want to stop a Thassa, God of the Sea it is going to take something like Oblivion Ring, Detention Sphere, or the like.

Faith’s Fetters takes care of most of the trouble, but still allows the free scry 1 every turn.

Interestingly, she fits into decks that play Nevinyrral’s  Disk without getting wiped off the board.

How Devoted Are You Going to Be

Getting your devotion to blue up to five is not the easiest thing and seems to be the main thing people are criticizing. I agree that blue is one of the hardest colors to reach devotion in, but it is doable and when you can make it happen, prepare to have your meat and potatoes with SOME GRAAAVVAYYY.

Thassa, God of the Sea is not just some big dumb animal that you need to be attacking with all the time. She is a sophisticated gal with a lot to offer.

Scry 1 for free every turn, make creatures into Creeping Tar Pits, eat up Oblivion rings, and sometimes beat a face or two.

Pretty bonkers, right?

Thassa’s Home

Take a look at these deck lists:



Here’s an example of a UW deck that I would absolutely play Thassa, God of the sea in. The scrying will help set up the draws – ensuring land drops and finding removal – while she gives threats like Hero of Bladehold, Baneslayer, and Treachery targets the direct route to your opponents face. And, with sixteen blue mana symbols on permanents, getting up to five devotion should be no problem.

I would probably cut Looter il-Kor from the list for her and not feel bad about it.

19In this list, with twelve devotion to blue possible, it is less likely that Thassa will ever become a creature, but that seems fine.

Sower of Temptation and control magic are for use on your opponents meanest baddies, which is prefect, because once you take control, you have unblockable versions of their meanies. This is, not to mention the two titans.

Something I really liked about this list was Thassa’s interaction with Edric, Spymaster of Trest. Can you say, card advantage?

You could probably take Deep Analysis out of the maindeck



This is the list I drafted that got me most excited since it is always awesome to see red being more than mono-red aggro.

With Thassa in the deck, you can scry for the burn you need or the Jace you want while cranking up your devotion to blue.

I like how this deck can push the tempo with creatures like Aether Adept, Venser Saper Savant, and Flametongue Kavu, and then sneak through after you opponent sets up their road blocks.

I think Kira, Great Glass Spinner is a reasonable card to cut since it gets in Thassa’s way.


Thassa, God of the Sea in Cube Verdict: Pass

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