2 thoughts on “Turn One Magic Cube Draft Podcast #5

  1. I don’t want to sound ungrateful but the easy picks with Mox and Sol Ring make it too easy to pick.

  2. It’s cube–some picks are easier than others. I’d rather more organic, natural drafts than setting it up so we have to think on the fly instead of knowing what’s coming up; it allows the listener to hear how we evaluate certain cards in certain situations without us metagaming and taking certain cards because we know this card will be coming later or what not. Yes, the pick is easy, but not everyone is a veteran cuber like you and I; some people are new to the format, and it’s good for them to hear “you don’t pass a sol ring, the card is bonkers” or “this card shouldn’t still be in the pack, and here’s why”. I understand how it can be boring, but I feel we make up for the “boring” picks by going extensively into what we hope to wheel and what we would take if the original card wasn’t in there.

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