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How We Started

Turn One Magic came about after a not-so-serious conversation about writing about Cube turned into a serious conversation quickly. Sky came to Sam one day telling him that he had a blog up, and within a second Sam was asking to hop aboard. We are always ready to explore new ideas and take any suggestions, so if you have any be sure to find us online somewhere and let us know!


Skyler is a Magic: The Gathering enthusiast. A relative new-comer to the game, Skyler started playing magic when he was eight years old only to realize that, having no idea how to play magic, he found the game very strange and quit for several years. As his yearning for more complex strategy building increased with his age, Skyler found solace in his long lost Magic cards. With every casual game played with Sam and other friends, the hook that is Magic drove deeper and deeper. Soon, Skyler was introduced to the Cube Drafting format when Sam invited him to draft his brother’s cube. From that point, it was merely a blur of building, learning, and refining. Outside of cube drafting, Skyler lives a fairly normal life.



Sam has been playing magic since 1994 or 1995, but didn’t really know what he was doing back then and stopped playing for a long time from the late 90s to around the Alara/ROE block. One day his brother, Pete, told him how he was playing a lot of Magic in school, and eventually discovered the cube format; the rest is history. Outside of Magic, Sam enjoys other writing projects, wasting time on reddit, going for hikes in the local woods, and long walks on the beach under a full moon.


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