Cube Lists

 Skyler’s Powered Cube

Draft Skyler’s cube here on cube tutor.

cube tutor ss

Draft Skyler’s cube here on tappedout.

tappedout ss

 Sam’s Pauper Cube

sam's pauper cube tutor

Some Cube Lists We Really Like

Here, I have included a selection of cube lists that I believe are very noteworthy.

I think all cuber’s should familiarize themselves with as many cube lists as they can so that they have an idea of what to expect and so that cube designers can get great ideas from each other. After all, that’s how cube gets better.

If you’re new to cube, you should go read our page on cube drafting. After you have done that, come back here and check out these fantastic cube lists.

Cuttups 495 Unpowered Cube

sam's pauper cube tutor

Usman Jamil’s Cube List

i'd rather be cubing


Anthony Avitollo’s Cube List

Anthony id rather


Eck and TSG’s The Magic Box Cube List

the magic box


Evan Erwin’s Cube List

If you’re unfamiliar with Cube Drafting and want to learn, we can help. click here.


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