Pack 1 Pick 1 # 10

Rampant Growth Plated Geopede Reveillark
Hearth Kami Putrefy Verdant Catacombs
Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite Llanowar Elves
Phantasmal Image Nevinyrral's Disk Sower of Temptation
Stormfront Pegasus Elite Vanguard Wooded Foothills

We’re back at it again with a pack 1 pick 1 and this one is really tough for me.

Green is looking mighty nice with Rampant Growth, Rofellos, Llanowar Elves, a Putrefy, and two fetch lands! Out of these cards, Rofellos has to be the strongest pick. Rofl-house is BIG GAME in the green ramp strategy and, even though we would be passing a lot of good green cards, he might be the pick here.

In White, there are a couple of aggro creatures that really aren’t first pickable, Elesh Norn and Reveillark. I feel like everyone knows how big of a bomb Elesh Norn is and for those of you who haven’t listened to The Magic Box Podcast, TSG would probaby be slamming the lark right now. Both are nuts. I wouldn’t fault anyone for taking either.

Red has some aggro creatures. They’re alright…

Blue is the second most tempting color in this pack with Phantasmal Image and Sower of Temptation. Of the two, Image is the stronger first pick.

My Picks

  1. Rofellos
  2. Phantasmal Image
  3. Reveillark

First picking Rofellos seems like the best thing to do here. Tapping for six on turn 3 is just mean. And, having enough quality green cards in the pack that we’re bound to wheel something maindeckable is very nice.

Image and Lark are both very close to being played over Rofellos and maybe on a different day I would have picked either over the Elf Legend.


So, what would you take?