Turn One Magic Cube Draft Podcast #6

4 man Mock Cube Draft. What would you take?

In this episode Sam, Sky, and Kirk go through a 4-man mock cube draft and talk about what they would pick. As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Turn One Magic Cube Draft Podcast #6

  1. Stripmine was very underrated in the first pack. I haven’t finished listening all the way but I don’t think I value Sphinx as highly as you guys. It is maybe the 4th strongest card in that pack behind Garruk, Stripmine, and Wheel of Fortune.

  2. Stripmine definitely deserved mention, but I’m not really looking to go into an aggressive deck in a 4-man draft right off the bat, and it’s not as good in the midrange/controlly decks otherwise. Sky also doesn’t have crucible, so it loses some potential value there. Depending on the deck, Wheel of Fortune and Garruk could be better, but Wheel typically requires some finagling which I’m not guaranteed to make work and Garruk is GGG, which is a strong commitment I’m not willing to make p1p1. Besides, I personally like playing blue, and Sphinx is pretty nuts in blue decks.

  3. Stripmine isn’t really an aggressive pick in my opinion. Every deck is going to run at least one land you want dead or that would screw over the player if it was gone.

  4. Over the bombs, I’m not looking to pick strip mine first. For every game it’s been awesome for me, there have been games where it only taps for 1, whereas I like all the other cards way better and found them to be more consistent. Also I personally tend to make loose mana bases, so I try not to play too many colorless lands. (Library always the exception.)

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