Turn One Magic Cube Podcast #4

In this episode Sam, Kirk, and Sky take you through the first 4 picks of a 4-man mock Cube draft and talk about what they would pick.

Also, Turn One Magic will not be posting on the weekends, but monday-friday we will be in action.

One thought on “Turn One Magic Cube Podcast #4

  1. 1. I would have went with vampiric tutor because I am a whore for black and I like a tutor to keep my options open for later. Yeah I hate myself for letting other cards go like increasing devotion. Hopefully some of those white cards come back to me.

    2. I would grab the terminus just because I love clearing the board and doing a vampiric tutor into a miracle terminus would ruin anyone’s day especially someone who just played increasing devotion or just flashed it back. One white mana to ruin an army of tokens is always a good time.

    3. Mind twist all the way! Lets get some control up in here. Plus I am already destroying everyone’s day with terminus why not go all the way and and remove their hand as well.

    4. Damnation. I am already going mass removal might as well grab a second version that I can tutor for or keep in my hand for when snapcaster drops. I would also hope for consuming vapors to come back so I can keep rolling with removals.

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