Win a FOIL Wild Nacatl!


Free stuff. It’s great! Here at TurnOneMagic, we know you love free stuff as much as us and, well, anyone should, so we’re giving you an opportunity to win a foil Wild Nacatl—cracked from an Alara foil pack only a couple weeks ago! This cat is fresh and ready to tear into a life total or two in a cube or modern/legacy deck of your choice if you enter and win!

Here at TurnOneMagic, we also understand that nothing in this world is actually free, but we’re not asking for much. We want you to send in the most powerful deck you could make using Skyler’s cube, which is listed below. Most powerful? Yes, most powerful! Imagine you’re doing a rotisserie draft for one, where you are the only player picking from the entire cube, what is the best deck you could make? Is it aggressive? Controlling? Do you try and find a combo in a non-combo cube? Are there 23 creatures? Zero? Frankly we have no idea what to expect, and it’s entirely up to you to find the answer.

After the contest deadline is up, we’ll pool our collective TurnOneMagic powers together for the lady of the lake to emerge with her choice as the winner of her honor, love, and our foil Wild Nacatl. There are rules, of course, any of which are broken and we won’t be able to accept your submission:
1. You must send the deck in a word file WITH NO PERSONAL NAME IN OR ON THE FILE. We will be sure to make tags and assign them to your e-mail so you get credit, but if your name is mentioned anywhere in the word file itself, you will be automatically disqualified.
2. The title of the word file must be “T1M CONTEST ENTRY” exactly. If not, you will be automatically disqualified.
3. You may only submit one entry. If you submit a second or try to edit one already entered, you will be automatically disqualified.
4. If you make any mention of any card that could be in your deck in the e-mail, you will be automatically disqualified.
5. Your e-mail should only consist of your name and the word file submission. You may add more, but understand anything that could be a clue to which deck is yours could lead to disqualification.
6. If you use any card not in the list given, you will be automatically disqualified.
7. No sideboards allowed. Your deck can be a minimum of 40 cards, but every card included in the list will be assumed to be part of the main deck.


The penalties are harsh, but the rules are simple. If you can’t follow them, sorry, but we don’t ask for much, and what we ask is asked so everyone has an even footing. Also we reserve the right to disqualify anyone for any reason. This is not to be jerks, but rather to dissuade people who may have found a loophole in the rules given. We want people to focus on the contest and have fun, not focus on a way of working the system.

The contest one week from now, Sunday March 16th, 2 pm EST, no exceptions. Good luck, and thanks for participating, and if you have any questions leave them in the comments section!

Submissions may be sent to

Where to Find Skyler’s Cube 

cube tutor ss  –the list to choose from

tappedout ss

6 thoughts on “Win a FOIL Wild Nacatl!

  1. “Most Powerful” is a relative to whatever the metagame is. Should the deck be built for competing in this format? Where everyone has access to one of each card in this cube? If so, then it is safe to assume 99.9% of decks will have a Sol Ring / moxen, so maybe I will pack more artifact hate.

    Or should we build assuming it is a normal 8-person draft of this cube but we somehow get whatever we want?

    Fun contest!

  2. Good question. I want the decks to have a purpose and a goal. If your packs a lot artifact hate, how do you beat the decks without artifacts when all you draw is the hate? I left opponents ambiguous because I don’t want it to be assumed that there’s a goal or opponent to play around, but I want you to just make what you think is the strongest and could take on any deck you throw at it. I didn’t want sideboards either because I don’t want it to be about what permutations your deck could take on too, I just wanted you to bring whatever deck you think is the best.

    Hope this helps; if not, let me know

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