Mock Draft #7

Sam goes through a mock draft using Hardbody’s cube.

Some notes watching after the fact:

Maybe I should’ve taken the Tutor over Nightmare and focused on the Upheaval/Natural Order plan instead of putting in another angle in what I wanted to do. I already had two solid build arounds in Upheaval and Natural Order that I didn’t necessarily need the Nightmare as a third and instead could’ve grabbed the Tutor to make sure I’m either casting Natural Order or Upheaval.

It was worth considering Volrath’s Stronghold for the final deck but decided against it for a couple of reasons. I’m playing three colors in a deck that ran Rofellos, so ever colored mana symbol counted. While being base green allowed me to splash with ease, I still wasn’t super comfortable in not tapping for mana. The Stronghold is incredible with all my ETB effects if my Nightmare gets destroyed. If I took Tutor instead of Nightmare, I would be more inclined to take the Stronghold, since it’s a fine target and acts as a worse version of Nightmare in letting me trigger multible ETB effects. In the end I felt having an extra land that taps for color instead of colorless and that the extra mana-sink recursion effect wasn’t worth it for that sacrifice.